The Resonance of Audio: Unveiling Trends in American Entertainment Preferences

Relaxed man lying down on the grass and listening music with eyes closed.

In a nation defined by diverse tastes and cultural shades, Pocket FM, the Audio Series platform, has released the findings of its US-edition entertainment consumption survey titled “Digital Entertainment Insights: Audio Takes Centerstage.” 

The survey, conducted among 4,394 internet users in the US, sheds light on the dynamic habits of American entertainment patterns, emphasizing the growing influence of audio in daily life.

The Power of Audio: A Daily Ritual for 90% of Users

The survey reveals a staggering statistic—90% of American internet users engage with audio entertainment daily. This substantial figure underscores the profound impact of audio in shaping the daily routines of individuals across the nation. 

Storytelling emerges as a significant driver, with 50% of users expressing a preference for audio, while one-third values it for its convenience, and another third appreciates the diverse range of content.

Short and Sweet: The Preference for Episodic Content

While Americans are avid consumers of audio, they exhibit a preference for shorter episodic content. The survey highlights that 43% of users enjoy episodes spanning 5-15 minutes, and an additional 38% prefer a slightly longer duration of 15-30 minutes. Only 18% lean towards lengthier content, with episodes lasting approximately 45-60 minutes.

Smartphones emerge as the device of choice for audio consumption, with 63% of Americans favoring them. Tablets capture 15% of the market, while 22% spread their audio consumption across Smart TVs, Desktops, and other devices. Genres such as Drama, Romance, Suspense/Thriller, and Sci-Fi prove to be the top choices among listeners.

Visualizing the Experience: The Interplay of Audio and Imagination

As audio captivates the imagination and creativity, 45% of users visualize the storytelling while listening. However, an interesting divide emerges, with 55% leaning toward a visual experience. 

This segment desires the adaptation of audio storytelling onto video platforms such as movies, TV series, or web series.

Trust in content recommendations plays a crucial role in guiding users’ choices, with 38% relying on platform recommendations, 31% seeking guidance from social media, and a mere 3% swayed by influencers.

Audio as a Productive Tool: More Than Entertainment

The survey uncovers that audio serves not only as an entertainment source but also as a productive tool. Sixty-five percent of users leverage audio to destress, 17% to avoid distraction, and 17% to enhance focus, showcasing its versatility in meeting various user needs.

Audio series emerge as the most loved and preferred entertainment format, with 67% giving 5-star recommendations. This preference marks a shift in the audience’s digital entertainment choices, with 36% of users transitioning from music to audio series.

The survey reveals that 29% of American users lean toward subscriptions, but an intriguing 32% are more inclined to pay for individual episodes, signaling a potential shift in monetization strategies towards microtransactions. Meanwhile, 39% prefer ad-supported models and other promotional offerings.

Looking Ahead: Audio as the New Lifestyle

Commenting on the findings, Rohan Nayak, CEO and co-founder of Pocket FM, states, “This trend shows that people want more immersive experiences and suggests a bigger shift that encourages away from constantly looking at screens for entertainment while trying to distress. 

The rising popularity of audio series, where people binge-listen without needing to stare at a screen, is a clear sign of this change. It’s an exciting time for audio, emerging as the new lifestyle, as we find new ways to create engaging experiences that really connect with our users.”

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