New Fashion Retail Technology Makes for Effortless Dressing Experience

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The Toli 360 Mirror

Technology is advancing at an incredible rate, bringing new and innovative ways to augment people’s lives. A new system labeled “The Toli 360” mirror has recently come into the spotlight, as one of the latest reveals in retail technology. Its capabilities are impressive, and it provides a new way for users to interact when purchasing items. The Toli 360 is an artificial intelligence mirror, storing a whole shopping mall’s worth of apparel, and is specifically designed to display the apparel on a 3d PSM (Proportionately Scaled Model) duplicate of yourself. You would be able to walk into a retail store, try on any of the clothes the store has, purchase the clothing you like and then be on your way, all without having to physically try on the clothing. One thing the mirror boasts is its ability to create a precise, 3d, 360 degree, scaled model of your body.


A Shopping Mall In Your Closet

It caters to your specific measurements and unique shape, meaning that the clothing you purchase will always fit perfectly. This would also rule out the need to guess the size of clothing when online shopping, or having to go into the store and try on various amounts of clothing, only to leave with very few or none of the items. The model is also stored in the system and is secured, so that you are the only one with access to it. Any shop you visit that has The Toli 360 allows you to seamlessly access the model through the system, thus shortening the process and making it easier for the user. Retail stores and third parties do not have access to this information, which increases your PSM’s security and protection.


A Unique Way of Modeling Your Body Measurements

When companies try to opt for a similar type of technology, it ends up either being an overlay similar to ones found on snapchat, or a simple front-facing scan which makes it difficult to interpret your accurate measurements. You would only be able to view the clothing on the scan/image, whereas The Toli 360 integrates your exact size and measurements, making it easier to move on to the purchasing process. The idea in the future is to have these mirrors in homes all over the world. Licensing agreements would soon have your PSM outfitted with over 500 top clothing retailers, easing the process of purchasing clothes.

The mirror measures clothing and your body with 100% accuracy, and places the apparel on your body, fitting your unique body shape almost perfectly. To begin using the mirror, it starts off by greeting you and asks if you would like to go shopping. You would then choose from a list of retailers, pick an item you like and then let the mirror measure your body. It takes more than 200 pictures of you using four dimension cameras inside of the mirror. The Toli 360 has the capability of changing retail stores forever. If there is no need to go into the store and try on the clothing, then there would be no need for these in-store retail shops. This could lead to retailers reverting purely to warehouses, which would definitely shake up how things work.