Fasoo Teams Up with CyberKnight to Spearhead Data Security in the Middle East

cyberknight and fasoo joining forces

Prominent figure in data-centric security solutions, Fasoo, has announced a strategic collaboration with CyberKnight, marking a significant milestone in its pursuit of expanding into the Middle East market. With cybersecurity becoming increasingly critical worldwide, this partnership seeks to fortify Fasoo’s position as a leading global data security provider, particularly in the Middle East’s burgeoning market.

Fasoo’s decision to join forces with CyberKnight, a cybersecurity-focused value-added distributor (VAD) headquartered in Dubai, is a strategic move aimed at tapping into the region’s rapidly growing demand for robust data security solutions. As CyberKnight stands on the brink of reaching $100 million in sales this year, Fasoo anticipates leveraging their extensive network and expertise to bolster its presence in key Middle Eastern markets.

Foothold as Premier Data Security Company

“By partnering with CyberKnight, Fasoo aims to not only enhance data security capabilities in the Middle East but also solidify its foothold as a premier global data security company,” stated Colter Carambio, Fasoo’s Chief Revenue Officer. This collaboration is poised to empower enterprise and government organizations in the region to safeguard sensitive data effectively, thereby mitigating AI risks and cyber threats.

The collaboration between Fasoo and CyberKnight underscores a shared commitment to address the escalating challenges posed by data breaches and high-profile data theft incidents. With the global Digital Rights Management (DRM) market projected to soar to US$9 billion by 2027, Fasoo’s tailored Data Security Platform is well-positioned to meet the escalating demand for comprehensive data protection solutions.

Pioneering Approach

Fasoo’s Data Security Platform stands out for its pioneering approach to Enterprise Digital Rights Management, underpinned by zero-trust principles. This innovative platform offers a unified, highly automated capability to discover, classify, protect, govern, and monitor sensitive files, regardless of their location. Wael Jaber, CyberKnight’s Chief Strategy Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the platform’s ability to provide universal control of data at rest, in transit, and especially in use.


In parallel with its strategic partnership with CyberKnight, Fasoo is also introducing groundbreaking solutions aimed at revolutionizing data security practices. One such innovation is the launch of FILM (Fasoo Integrated Log Manager) 3.0, a document tracking and integrated log management solution that forms a cornerstone of data security posture management (DSPM) solutions. FILM enables organizations to visualize, manage, and track the overall status and flow of sensitive data, thereby enhancing their ability to identify and mitigate potential data risks.

AI-R Privacy Unveiling

Recently, Fasoo also unveiled AI-R Privacy, an AI-powered data discovery and classification solution designed to elevate data security beyond conventional methods. Leveraging deep learning algorithms, AI-R Privacy empowers organizations to detect and protect sensitive information within complex data formats with unparalleled accuracy. This innovative solution not only enhances data security but also ensures regulatory compliance, catering to diverse industry needs.

As organizations grapple with the escalating threat landscape and regulatory pressures, Fasoo remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving challenges of data security. With its strategic partnership with CyberKnight and a portfolio of innovative offerings, Fasoo is poised to lead the charge in safeguarding sensitive data in the Middle East and beyond.