Realoq Secures $3 Million Seed Funding from TRK Ventures for Real Estate Tech Advancements

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Real estate tech startup, Realoq, has successfully closed a $3 million seed funding round, led by TRK Ventures. This funding is earmarked for Realoq’s efforts to enhance the real estate industry, specifically focusing on the improvement of services for homebuyers, sellers, and service providers.

The startup focuses on simplifying and improving the real estate buying and selling experience through a multi-sided marketplace and unified technology platform, connecting buyers, sellers, and service providers, creating a collaborative and transparent ecosystem.

Introducing Innovation

The recent seed funding round, spearheaded by TRK Ventures, reflects a vote of confidence in Realoq’s potential impact on the real estate sector. Realoq’s platform, connecting B2B and B2C stakeholders, is expected to introduce innovations to the market.

The funds acquired from this round will be directed towards reinforcing Realoq’s technological infrastructure. The emphasis is on developing new products, including Software as a Service (SAAS) solutions, with the aim of improving the real estate marketplace.

Realoq plans to utilize the funds to expand into new markets and territories, broadening the reach of its solutions to a wider audience of homebuyers, sellers, and service providers.

A portion of the funding will be allocated to improving the customer experience through enhancements to the user interface, accessibility, and support systems. Realoq is committed to providing a seamless and customer-centric experience.

As part of its expansion strategy, Realoq intends to strengthen its team across key departments, ensuring the availability of expertise to drive innovation in the real estate industry.

Founder CEO of Realoq Anvesh Chakravartula/ credit Realoq
Founder CEO of Realoq Anvesh Chakravartula/ credit Realoq

“An important step for us…”

Anvesh Chakravartula, Founder and CEO of Realoq, expressed gratitude for the trust and support shown by investors. “This funding round represents an important step for us, enabling Realoq to further innovate in the real estate industry and deliver even greater value to our customers.”

Realoq aims to leverage technology to improve the real estate landscape, evident in its recent launch of a marketplace platform featuring listings, buy, sell, and mortgage options.

With this investment, Realoq is positioned to contribute to advancements in the real estate industry, providing improved experiences for homebuyers, sellers, and service providers. The company aspires to be a notable player in the evolving real estate landscape.