These Apps Bring Tech Solutions into Safety

nging Safety into Tech with Personal Security Apps
nging Safety into Tech with Personal Security Apps

Over time, methods of removing yourself from unsafe situations have changed, largely depending on the resources available. Maybe you have approached a store worker or security guard depending on if you were in a public place, or maybe you’ve found security in a trusted stranger. Finding ways around unsafe situations, however, has always involved taking initiative and relying on people. No matter the technology available, or lack thereof, personal safety comes from the network of people around you ensuring your security.

Alarming Stats Bring Awareness To Digital Personal Safety

The increase in a digital world has brought about many more opportunities to be in unsafe situations. Connecting with others online, no matter how that may look, can pose prominent threats to one’s safety and wellbeing. Take dating apps, for example, as they have historically raised concerns for user safety, causing app technicians to create new features like AI-verification to make sure you aren’t talking to a scammer or catfish.

A 2020 Pew Research Center Study found that “46% of Americans” found online dating apps and websites unsafe due to catfishes, spam and people violating the app’s community guidelines. Statistically, a higher percentage of women have experienced negative and threatening behavior on these apps. Pew reported that “60% of female users ages 18 to 34 say someone on a dating site or app continued to contact them after they said they were not interested,” presenting a new digital aspect to these safety threats.

Even occurrences like riding in ride-shares, taxis, or just walking home can pose threats. As the discussion regarding rideshare safety continues, there are many many risks that come with getting into the car with a stranger. 

So when one brings online connections into the real world, tech solutions provide extra security for you. In the real world, you don’t have a screen in between you and the person anymore, but with these apps, you now have a point of defense. While tech has created opportunities for some of these problems and concerns to occur, app innovators and tech experts have created tools to fire back at these dangers.

Here some apps that will give you a tangible tool for security:

  • UrSafe
    Available for use in over 200 countries, UrSafe provides first-of-its-kind technology that works towards your personal safety. What makes this app so useful is its voice activated technology and SOS button, alerting local authorities that you are in an uncomfortable situation and need assistance. By using various safe words, the app picks up on your cues and also alerts your personal network of emergency contacts as well.
    The app has been featured by various news broadcasts nationwide, as spreading the word about UrSafe means communicating these life-saving resources to people who may need them. Users have utilized this app for online dating scenarios, global travel, unsafe rideshare experiences and even school emergencies.


  • SafeUp
    Made specifically by women and for women, the SafeUp app gives users “24/7 access to a vast community of empathic, trustworthy women”, all trained in answering users calls from  potentially dangerous scenarios like walking home at night. With the ability to talk to trained “guardians” in your area while walking home, SafeUp creates a network of individuals looking out for your safety in your community.
  • WeHelp – Personal safety
    This app acts as a personal bodyguard for you, with a panic button at your fingertips when you feel unsafe. WeHelp  allows you to share your status with their nearby agents, while also sending in voice memos, photos or videos to show your current situation. The app also alerts you through push notifications when the area around you is deemed unsafe and connects you to your virtual bodyguard when needed. 

So while tech has added new threats to the world of personal security, it has also provided solutions. Keep this arsenal of security resources in your app portfolio to ensure your safety.